Hello There! I’m Kiran Gangadharan.

I’m a software designer and developer who likes to think of himself as someone who has a sense of good design. I emphasize simplicity over functionality.

I currently develop web applications in Python and iOS applications in Objective-C at WalletKit and dabble with Clojure in my spare time.

If I had to describe myself in a single word, I’d use “Curious“. This curiousity is what fuels my love for reading. If you’d like to get to know me as a fellow book lover, you might want to follow me on Goodreads.

You can find me on Twitter and my code on GitHub.

Like my work?

All(almost) the work that I do is open sourced with free licenses, that allows you to use my code as you will. If you love the code I write or the problems that I solve, do send your feedback via email.