Stuff I did in 2016


Quite an eye opener. Looking forward to re-reading this sometime soon.

Highly recommended read for any software developer.

My love for Clojure has grown substantially, thanks to this read.

Jhumpa Lahiri talks about the difficulties of learning a new language(Italian) completely different from English. She documents all the frustating moments that she went through in the process. I could relate so much to her in terms of learning a new programming paradigm completely different from what I’m comfortable in.

A set of emotional and touching short stories set in India by Jhumpa Lahiri.

Fantastic book to read if you’re a complete beginner to FP and Lambda Calculus. My favorite technical book of the year.

The title, literally. Good thought provoking advice on reading all kinds of books.

A short and sweet novel by Ruskin Bond.

This book is soo good and so damn hilarious. Highly recommend.

Mary Roach does a good job at illustrating why being an astronaut is harder than you thought. If you want to learn the difficulties of space travel and the mundane(read unconventional) things that astronauts have to deal with, give this one a read.

Japan and it’s culture has been a fascination for a while now. I’ve learned a lot more interesting(or absurd) stuff thanks to this book.

My first experience reading Haikus. The book contains lots of simple and beautiful, yet deep haikus that illustrate the experiences and express the emotions of Basho as he travels around Japan on foot.

A short and sweet read with a very important lesson.

I picked up this two book series by Cory Doctorow after seeing a copy of Homeland in Snowden’s room in the documentary Citizen Four. I got hooked immediately. Recommended if you like a young adult, cyber-security, surveillance and hacking related novel.

The classic. I finally got to read it and I enjoyed it (in a nightmarish way) as much as I thought I would.

A short read to brush up your knowledge on the fundamental concepts and problems of Distributed Systems.

A easy and wonderful read on the fundamental concepts behind Neural Networks.

A thought provoking read. A must-read for everyone.

An enjoyable murder mystery.


  • Why Functional Programming Matters
  • The Humble Programmer
  • Scheme: An Interpreter for Lambda Calculus
  • Out of the Tar Pit
  • Twitter User Gender Inference Using Combined Analysis of Text and Image Processing
  • Combining Image and Text Features: A Hybrid Approach to Mobile Book Spine Recognition
  • Kafka: A distributed messaging system for log processing
  • Efficient Multi-label Classification with Many Labels
  • Time, Clocks and Ordering of Events in a Distributed System
  • Fallacies of Distributed Computing Explained (Technically not a paper)

Programming Languages

  • Clojure

  • Swift

  • Prolog

Just the fundamentals. I plan on doing more this year.

  • Standard ML
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